National Contact Points

Ms Danijela Kos

Slovenia, Ministry of cohesion and regional development

Interreg and Financial Mechanism Office, Interreg Division
Kotnikova 5, 1000 – Ljubljana, Slovenia

Phone: +386 5 731 8530

National relevant documents

First Level Control Representatives

System type: Centralised
Cost of control: Free of charge

According to art. 23.4 of Regulation (EU) No 1299/2013, where the Managing Authority does not carry out verifications that the co-financed products and services have been delivered and that expenditure declared by the beneficiaries has been paid and that it complies with applicable law throughout the whole programme area, each ADRION Partner State shall designate the body or person responsible for carrying out such verifications in relation to beneficiaries on its territory (the ‘controller(s)’).

The national control system set in place by the ADRION Partner State can be:

Centralized system: the Partner State appoints one body/institution in charge of performing the necessary verifications on expenditure of the PPs located on its territory. The Partner State can also decide whether the service is free of charge or not.

Decentralized system: the LP/PP located in that Partner State has to identify its controller in accordance with the rules and procedures defined at national level. The identified controller can be external (i.e.: a single independent controller selected on the market) or internal (i.e.: in case of bodies only: this option is applicable upon condition that the controller is independent from the department in charge of the project implementation). In both cases the selected controller is subject to the approval of the approbation body appointed at national level for this purpose. Verifications must be paid (expenditure is eligible for reimbursement by the programme).

Contact details of Partner States controllers

SLOVENIA, MINISTRY OF COHESION AND REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT, Control and Evaluation Division, Interreg Programmes and Financial Mechanism Control

Maja Martinšek-