Involving youth in cultural heritage protection

Sep 12, 2023 | Adrion Youth stories

The Albanian Cooperation and Developmment Institute (CDI) visited the ADRION funded project EMOUNDERGROUNDS in one of the project’s partners area: the city of Trebinje, Bosnia and Herzegovina. The study visit was an opportunity to see first hand the impact of the project on youth. Activities aimed to affect public policies on cultural heritage/tourism management and tourist services, involving various organizations and professionals. Young people that were actively engaged in the targeted organizations, participated successfully in different activities that served to create and disseminate dedicated “edutainment” programmes on territorial cooperation.

The results of the projects were introduced to youngsters from secondary schools that were invited to participate in two project events: i) the Literary Cultural Contamination event, and ii) the opening ceremony of the interactive exhibition promoting the EMOUNDERGROUNDS and local heritage from the period of Austro-Hungarians in Balkans. Also, secondary schools’ representatives participated in one of project training paths with the subject: Innovative Technologies and methods to manage the identified cultural attractor and its undergrounds. This training aimed to enrich their capacities and knowledge so they could later raise awareness and transfer the knowledge to the younger generation and students in their schools.

Know more about the project:
Mr. Ranko Biberdžić, Coordinator for Planning and Development in the Development Agency of the City of Trebinje/TREDEA, responsible for the “EMOUNDERGROUNDS’ implementation in Trebinje, emphasized the importance of this project: ‘The proposed experiential routes across Italy, Greece, Croatia, Slovenia, Albania, Montenegro and Bosnia-Herzegovina include virtual reality rooms, intelligent mobile applications, holographic demonstrations, screens and interactive projections able to bring to life, historical or legendary characters linked to the involved places. Visitors from all over the world have the opportunity to live a unique and unforgettable experience through time, never lived before. In Trebinje, EMOUNDERGROUNDS project contributed to touristic valorization of the part of cultural heritage from the Austro-Hungarian period, which was not really visible, in an innovative, unusual and, for tourists, really interesting way.’