EU Green Week 2024

29. to 30. May 2024 | Physical Meeting
  • Organiser
    European Commission’s Directorate-General for Environment

EU Green Week 2024: Fostering Water Resilience in Europe

The 2024 EU Green Week contributes to an extensive communication effort focused on water resilience. Its goal is to spark a Europe-wide dialogue about the present and future of the EU's water, emphasizing the importance of raising awareness and advocating for positive, collaborative solutions.

The conference

During the conference, guest speakers will cover diverse aspects of integrated water management. This encompasses discussions on fostering a water-smart economy in the EU, tackling challenges related to restoring and safeguarding the disrupted water cycle, ensuring widespread access to clean and affordable water and sanitation, and promoting international cooperation on water issues.

Registration will open in April and can be accessed through the Green Week website.

Learn more here.

Green Week Partner Events

The conference will be complemented by partner events organized across Europe and globally, all falling under the umbrella theme of water resilience. Notably, for this year, partner events are allowed beyond the Green Week period, spanning from 29 May to 1 September 2024.

If you are interested in organizing events that involve citizens in water-related discussions and contribute to a lively public conversation, learn more here.


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