IPA ADRION: 3 Strategic Projects approved for funding

Jan 23, 2024 | News, Project news

On 30th November 2023, a significant milestone was reached as the IPA ADRION Monitoring Committee conditionally approved three strategic projects under Priority Axis 4. This decision, made during a meeting held both in Belgrade and online, underscores the commitment of the projects to support the EUSAIR policy.

The total value of the three strategic projects amounts to 12,1 MEUR, out of which 9,9 MEUR are Interreg funds.

Our Macroregional strategy: EUSAIR

The IPA ADRION Programme primarily supports the European Union Strategy for the Adriatic-Ionian Region (EUSAIR), sharing the same geographical area and most policy objectives. EUSAIR acts as a catalyst for cooperation, focusing on addressing social, economic, and territorial disparities to enhance cohesion by minimizing differences and fostering collaboration among participating entities.

Learn more about EUSAIR here.

The selected strategic projects in a nutshell

EUSAIR Facility Point- Supporting the EUSAIR macro region governance for improved cooperation

The EUSAIR Facility Point project, strategically crafted with insights from the 2016-2023 implementation phase, confirms and strengthens its purposes. The project extends its support to the EUSAIR macro-regional governance structures, weaving an extensive network of institutions across all participating countries.

Overall, the project aims to facilitate the coordination, communication and implementation of the macro-region EUSAIR by supporting its governance structures, fostering cross pillar cooperation, increasing its visibility and by monitoring and evaluating the progress of implementation.

With a focus on knowledge management, strategic decision-making support, capacity building, and country-level communication, the EUSAIR Facility Point aims to fortify the coordination, communication, and implementation of the macro-region.

Project budget is 7,8 MEUR out of which 6,3 MEUR are Interreg funds.


The STEP project emerges as a force in propelling the efficient implementation of EUSAIR macro-region Priorities and Flagships. At its core, STEP is set to revolutionize the EUSAIR Stakeholder Platform (ESP), transforming it into a virtual data insight and analytics tool. This evolution aims to expedite data-driven decision-making across various topics, fostering an environment that generates long-term sustainable value.

STEP aspires to improve the ESP infrastructure, through the creation of a data center. A Joint EUSAIR Stakeholder Engagement Plan is on the horizon, alongside the implementation of an online joint solution for dialogue with major financial institutions. This multifaceted approach is designed to boost the implementation of EUSAIR Flagships and contribute to the consolidation of the network of European Territorial Cooperation (ETC) Management Authorities of the Adriatic-Ionian area.

Going beyond the technological enhancement, STEP is committed to elevating the involvement and engagement of key stakeholders at both national and transnational levels. The project sets its sights on facilitating financial dialogue and embedding the integration of EUSAIR within the mainstream ERDF programmes and Territorial Cooperation Programmes. Furthermore, STEP aims to ensure the integration of EUSAIR into the IPA III programming framework.

Project budget is 2,1 MEUR out of which 1,8 MEUR are Interreg funds.

SP4EUSAIR- Support to Development and Implementation of Strategic Implementation Formats

SP4EUSAIR is poised to address and advance EUSAIR supported actions, aiming to enhance the institutional capacity of public authorities and stakeholders. This collaborative effort extends support to the governance mechanisms of EUSAIR, fostering its functionality and amplifying the impact of actions across the Adriatic and Ionian region. The project shall play a vital role in promoting Adriatic-Ionian cohesion by reaching a broader population, enhancing regional policy learning, and advocating for multi-level governance approaches.

At its core, SP4EUSAIR strives to establish a high-quality and efficient organizational and methodological framework. This framework will be instrumental in selecting key strategic ideas based on existing EUSAIR flagships and in developing the necessary structure for the implementation formats. The project’s scope extends to facilitating the preparation of project proposals for each strategic implementation format, accompanied by a meticulous mapping process. Furthermore, SP4EUSAIR will empower the capitalization and performance assessment of the project proposals’ development process, ensuring a robust and effective trajectory toward the overarching goals of EUSAIR.

Project budget is 2,08 MEUR out of which 1,7 MEUR are Interreg funds.

Next Steps

The launch event scheduled in Zagreb will serve as the starting point for the three strategic projects, officially initiating their operational activities and paving the way for impactful developments in the days to come.