QNEST | Adriatic Ionian Quality Tourism Workshop, Expo, and Routes of QNEST project

Jul 10, 2019 | Adrion Short Stories

Great success for the Adriatic Ionian Quality Tourism Workshop, Expo and Routes of QNeST Project – held last 27 June in Lecce.

Stakeholders working for the promotion of tourism from different countries and regions (Puglia, Marche, Veneto, Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Greece) had the opportunity to meet each other and to exchange information. They shared a common vision for a sustainable ad quality tourism in the Adriatic Ionian Macro Region and co-designed potential routes and transnational itineraries based on themes such as water, olive oil and wine, stones and travellers, merchants and pilgrims. All the itineraries pay attention to the project drivers: valorization of cultural heritage and preservation of an environmental sustainability, promotion and strenghtening of social well-being and accessible services, valorization of the mediterranean diet.

Take a look at the full article and the event video at the project webpage.