Towards the future of blue growth in the Adriatic and Ionian Basin 7th July 2023, Rimini

Jun 29, 2023 | Events

EUSAIR’s International Conference will be held in presence on 7th July 2023 at Cinema Fulgor – Corso d’Augusto, in Rimini, Italy. The event will bring together stakeholders who will have the opportunity to discuss and explore the prospects for the blue growth in the Adriatic- Ionian area.

In May 2021, the European Commission released a communication outlining its vision for a sustainable blue economy. This communication introduced a fresh approach that integrates blue growth into the European Green Deal and the European Recovery Strategy (Next Generation EU). The goal is to establish a blue economy that is environmentally sustainable, green, resilient, and circular, while also contributing to climate change mitigation. The new approach emphasizes the importance of coherence among sectors within the blue economy, fostering their coexistence and seeking synergies in the maritime domain without compromising the environment. Furthermore, it highlights the necessity of investing in research, skills, and innovation to support the vision of a sustainable blue economy.

During the conference, on 7 July, participants will delve into the significance and benefits of sustainable growth from environmental, social, and economic perspectives, while also addressing the support required in this context.

This event will serve as a platform to exchange ideas and explore the potential of blue growth, as well as how we can harness the opportunities that arise from this transformative shift towards a thriving blue economy. Key stakeholders will present and discuss avenues for achieving a green recovery within the blue economy. To realize this vision, it is essential for European institutions, Member States, and regional entities to take responsible action not only towards the climate and environmental ambitions of the European Union, but also concerning the financial and social challenges and potential structural changes associated with implementing proposed measures.


The conference will feature dedicated sessions that delve into specific topics, including:

  1. Blue growth in the Adriatic-Ionian area
  2. Blue bioeconomy and blue biotechnology
  3. Blue circular economy
  4. Funding opportunities for the sustainable blue economy – S3

Each session aims to foster in-depth discussions and knowledge exchange, shedding light on crucial aspects of the sustainable blue economy and facilitating collaboration among stakeholders.

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