Join the Conversation: The Citizens’ Engagement Platform

Apr 10, 2024 | News

Exciting news for EU citizens: The European Commission has launched the Citizens’ Engagement Platform, an online hub where you can share your ideas and influence EU policymaking.

The Citizens’ Engagement Platform marks a significant step forward in promoting citizen engagement within the European Union. By providing a forum for discussion and idea exchange, it empowers individuals to play a direct role in shaping EU policies that affect their lives.

One of the most exciting features of the platform is its inclusivity. With real-time translation capabilities supporting all 24 official EU languages, citizens from across the continent can participate in discussions and engage with one another regardless of linguistic barriers.

The inaugural debate on the Citizens’ Engagement Platform focuses on the pressing issue of Energy Efficiency. This topic holds immense significance for the future sustainability and prosperity of the EU, making it a fitting starting point for citizen deliberations.

Your feedback matters. Your ideas, opinions, and suggestions can shape the future! Participation in the Citizens’ Engagement Platform is open to all EU citizens, and registering to contribute is quick and easy.

You can register to contribute on the Platform here.