Implementing your Project

Each stage of a project, starting from the application and quality requirements, through project approval, implementation, and closure, holds significant importance. Throughout these phases, there are provisions to guide, inform, and support beneficiaries, ensuring a successful project implementation and management at every level.

Successfully implementing a transnational project demands significant time and effort. In order to be fully prepared, it is crucial to thoroughly familiarize yourself with the forthcoming challenges. 

Discover the process of implementing an IPA ADRION project and explore additional sources of information.

Programme Implementation Manual & supporting documents

Check out the relevant implementation documents for each Call for Proposals.

JEMS: Our e-Monitoring System

Jems serves as a resourceful tool enabling project applicants and partners to submit applications and is the platform for their project reporting. 

Project Communication Set-Up

As a novelty compared to the previous programming period (2014-2020), communication is not a standalone work package (WP) anymore, but it is embedded into the single thematic work packages. However, the primary goal remains to achieve effective communication of projects’ objectives and activities.

For effective project communication, all partners must collaborate under the guidance of the project communication manager, who should be a dedicated and experienced individual appointed for this role.

Throughout the project’s duration, the communication manager and all partners must ensure that the following are being implemented:

Project Website Hosted on Programme Website:

Projects will have access to a dedicated subpage on the IPA ADRION website. This subpage will contain essential project information and must be updated regularly.

Posters Displayed at Partner Premises:

Each project partner must publicly display at least one poster at their premises. 
A template for this poster and a project logo will be provided by the Programme.

Project Information on Beneficiary Websites:

All project partners must showcase the project logo and a concise project description on their official websites. This description should highlight the financial support from the Union and outline the project’s aims and results.

Unleash the full potential of your projects by going above and beyond the minimum effort! Projects are encouraged to implement additional external communication measures that will leave a lasting impact.


Discover further insights into project development, financial, communication, and more issues by referring to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document.

Support by National Contact Points (NCPs)

National support is available in your native language by contacting our national contact points (NCP). They will assist you with any relevant information related to national implementation matters.