REGIOSTARS 2024 Competition Now Open for Applications!

Mar 4, 2024 | News

In a vibrant call to action, the REGIOSTARS 2024 competition invites Interreg projects to seize the opportunity and submit their applications until 31st of May.

A notable feat from the previous year saw the competition witness its highest-ever participation, with a staggering 228 applications. Now, the challenge is set to break this record, inspiring even more projects to step forward and share their success stories.

This year, REGIOSTARS will honor outstanding projects in five distinct categories, each representing a crucial facet of regional development:

  1. A COMPETITIVE AND SMART EUROPE: Promoting competitiveness, innovation, and economic resilience.
  2. A GREEN EUROPE: Emphasizing the green transition as a catalyst for regional development.
  3. A CONNECTED EUROPE: Enhancing mobility and connectivity between regions.
  4. A SOCIAL AND INCLUSIVE EUROPE: Achieving a more inclusive Europe by harnessing regional talents.
  5. A EUROPE CLOSER TO THE CITIZENS: Fostering the sustainable development of all types of territories.

Apply in English or your own language. Projects should be completed when you submit. Academic experts will pick up to 5 finalists in each category. All winners will be announced during the EU Regions Week in October 2024.

The deadline for submitting applications is 31 May 2024.

Don’t let your project miss out on this opportunity. Learn more and submit your application at